Oslo/Bergen (Norway), 2022–2023 (ongoing)
Co-curated with NOGOODS (Danja Burchard and Maike Statz)
In collaboration with Léa Brami, Mahé Cordier-Jouanne, Lexie Owen, Liene Pavlovska and Jan Trinh
Hosted by ROM for kunst og arkitektur

“Dissident Publics: Future Artefacts of Queer Methodologies” is a collaborative artistic research project launching in August 2022 at ROM for kunst og arkitektur. This co-curation and co-creation project explores “queer” as an agent of change and the act of “dissidence” as a radically inclusive approach to the making of public space. By bringing together architecture, visual arts, performance art, and activism, it aims at creating new queer narratives, methodologies, artefacts, and imaginaries of public space to break free from the overshadowing heteronormative conditioning of cities today.

• ROM Studio (22-26 August 2022, Oslo) kickstarts the co-creation process of “Dissident Publics”, gathering the curatorial team together with the artists and architects in person for the first time for a 5-day program of workshops and seminars.
• NOGOODS Studio (7-11 November 2022, Bergen) marks the second phase of the co-creation process of “Dissident Publics”, assembling the team of nine curators, artists and architects for a second week-long program of workshops, talks and open studio visits.
• Final exhibition (11 May - 11 June 2023, Oslo) at ROM for kunst og arkitektur. Stay tuned!

The project is supported by The Arts Council Norway (Kulturrådet), Nordisk Kulturfond - Globus Opstart, L’Institut Français de Norvège, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Paris and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Riga.

Photos by Bui Quy Son.