Exutoire is an outlet for some of our silly thoughts and ideas. Our practice is ironic, ultra-referential, queer, cute, quirky, joyous, playful, and sometimes also a bit boring.

But no matter what we do, we always try to learn something new, dig a little deeper, engage with subjects that we think matter, and hopefully participate in shaping

a better world. Here, we welcome you into our universe by sharing bits and pieces of our work process and what we're up to at the moment. — Sơn & Paul-Antoine

013 Safe Space   012 Plan-séquence   011 Genius loci
010 Un jeu de motifs
  008 Over vannet, under trærne
006 Les deux plateaux   005 Quatre escaliers et un grand jardin
002 Raufoss-to-by   001 The F Lab

"One to Twenty Series 012"