Over the past couple of years, we came to understand that public funding could offer us an opportunity to develop projects we believe in. Since then, we have slowly distanced ourselves from the idea of the architect-builder and moved toward a more critical practice, wanting to explore the possible futures of our society and discipline—futures inspired by social, spatial and material justice. This is a repository of some of our curatorial and architectural experiments combined, from lost competitions and silly ideas to spatial installations, exhibitions, public programmes and more.

Dissident Publics: Future Artefacts of Queer Methodologies

Oslo/Bergen (Norway), 2022–2023

Martin White at UKS

Oslo (Norway), 2023

Safe Space

Oslo (Norway), 2020–2021


Zürich (Switzerland), 2020–2021

Genius loci

Drøbak (Norway), 2020

Un jeu de motifs

Neuchâtel (Switzerland), 2020

Over vannet, under trærne

Fetsund (Norway), 2020

Quatre escaliers et un grand jardin

Renens (Switzerland), 2020

Les deux plateaux

Genève (Switzerland), 2020


Raufoss (Norway), 2019

The F Lab

Hanoi (Vietnam), 2017–2018