The idea of making publications was born out of an attempt to create an archival space to save and store the process materials of our architectural projects in written and printed forms. Over time, editing, designing and publishing books have grown into intuitive tools of thinking and making for us. Today, graphic and editorial projects play an important role in our practice as they are our medium of choice for knowledge production and dissemination.

Safe Space Zine

Bui Quy Son, Paul-Antoine Lucas & Armelle Breuil (eds)

Out of House – Nationaltheatret

Gro Bonesmo, Paul-Antoine Lucas & Bui Quy Son (eds)

Learning flexibility: Pathways to urban transformation

Bianca Suyama & Gerardo Lopez Amaro (eds)

In Transit Studio: Oslo Files

Håvard Breivik-Khan, Tone Selmer-Olsen, Bui Quy Son & Paul-Antoine Lucas (eds)

Arkitektstudenter skriver: Treasures from the AHO Library

Mari Hvattum, Paul-Antoine Lucas & Victor Plahte Tschudi (eds)

Photobook—A cabinet of found objects

Bui Quy Son

"The Liberal Monument"

Paul-Antoine Lucas

The F Lab Office & Workshop

Bui Quy Son

Kim Liên City

Bui Quy Son

In Transit: Architectural Solutions in Emergencies

Håvard Breivik & Tone Selmer-Olsen (eds)

Collection R6 (2014)

Bui Quy Son & Chloé de Salins (eds)