Zürich (Switzerland), 2020
With the help of Maximilian Vincenz Schob

Situated at the edge of the Universitätsspital Park toward a crossroads, the new restaurant pavilion for the HGZZ campus is the interface between the landscaped area and the transport infrastructure surrounding the park. Due to its eccentric position in the park, the design of a long building is an opportunity to mark a clear transition between the two areas, therefore expressing both a break and a link. The “plan-séquence” is commonly used in cinematography to depict a character’s journey through different places with a consistent viewpoint in order to give continuity to the narrative. The application of this concept architecturally leads here to a playful repetition of architectural elements to create familiarity yet singularity between the spaces. The folds of the roof, the enfilade of doors, the thick pisé walls are some of the elements amplifying this idea of a promenade through space.