Raufoss (Norway), 2019
With the help of Milja Tuomivaara

Raufoss is today a city in transition between its strong manufacturing heritage and cutting-edge production facilities. “Raufoss-to-by” is a strategic approach prefiguring a vision for the future of the city. Currently, the town is separated into disconnected parts marked by clear axes: Storgata, the river and the fence of the Industrial Park. Our vision for Raufoss is to gather all the functions already present in the city fabric around a single urban core linking both sides of the river. This link is visual, physical and programmatic. The project results in various interventions on a common urban and landscape layer, with the potential to be divided in phases to adapt to evolving needs while keeping the inherent public character of the plan. At different scales, the projects is an adaptation of the current city fabric to its growing needs, redirecting flows rather than redesigning them, building up new fragments instead of reimagining the area as a whole, and weaving them together onto a strong collective public layer.