Hanoi (Vietnam), 2017-2018

The house at 236C Le Trong Tan has been home for a family of four since 2003. Throughout the years, the double-height ground floor with mezzanine has transformed from living room to motorbike parking to a golf equipment shop. In 2017, the family's daughter decided to turn this space into an office and workshop for her event planning company, The F Lab. The existing four-storey tube house, emblematic of Hanoi's urban dwelling boom at the turn of the millennium, produces a robust and resilient spatial typology. However, the intricate mix of materials and decorative elements needed to give ways to a simple, flexible and comfortable space that would maximize exposure to daylight and create dialogue between the workspace and the street. The renovation of the ground floor duplex was completed in summer 2018 with modest means.

The scrapbook documenting this process is here.