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Photobook—A cabinet of found objects

Edition of 25
Self-published by Bùi Quý Sơn in March 2021

Author and editor: Bùi Quý Sơn
Photography, text and design: Bùi Quý Sơn

19 x 25 cm
132 pages
Offset printing on RecyStar Nature 150gsm
Hardcover with open-spine thread stitching
Printed and bound in Germany

To order, send us an email to coucou@exutoireexutoire.com
or contact us on Instagram @exutoire_

"A cabinet of found objects" is a series of high-resolution snapshots of spontaneous encounters between mundane things. Here, photography is a practice of seeing as the photographs document a contrasting yet complementary dichotomy between the built and grown environments. Quite often, these accidental still life images portray inhabited spaces without capturing the act of appropriation. This photobook fuels my passion for the pictorial quality I find not only in the single photograph but also in the graphic, visual and editorial composition of images.

Photobook—A cabinet of found objects