Safe Space Zine 1–6
1: Who gets to be an architect?
2: Diversity and representation in architecture and design education
3: Who are we designing for?—Engaged modes of practice
4: The right to housing
5: Environmental justice and the preservation of Sápmi
6: A queer practice of architecture

The Year's Most Beautiful Books in Norway 2022, Silver prize, Series category

Editors: Bui Quy Son, Paul-Antoine Lucas, Armelle Breuil
Concept & design: Safe Space Collective (Bui Quy Son, Paul-Antoine Lucas, Armelle Breuil)
Paper: Clairefontaine 80 & 160 gsm
Riso-printed and bound in Norway by oonda studio
Edition of 100, published in October 2021 by Safe Space Publishing

Contributing authors: Adèle Labo, Alexander Eriksson Furunes, Alf Jørgen Schnell, Anders N. Kvammen, Anna Aniksdal, Armelle Breuil, Britta Marakatt-Labba, Bui Quy Son, Clara Triviño Massó, Delphine Lam Lewandowski, Erik Eikehaug, Eva Maria Fjellheim, Gabrielle Paré, Hanna Dencik Petersson, Jonas Dahlberg, Josina Vink, Juliette Frasie, Leila Sliman, Linh Gling, Lucy Bullivant, Mads Pålsrud, Mahé Cordier-Jouanne, Máret Ánne Sara, Matthew Anderson, Ninthu Paramalingam, Paul-Antoine Lucas, Sareh Saeidi, Shivani Prakash, Susanne Normann, Tale Hammerø Ellingvåg, Tess Skadegård Thorsen, Tina Lam, Vilde Vera Viik Vesterlid

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Safe Space Zine